Zenica Protestors Deliver their Demands (Zenica #1)

Zenica Demands February 10th, 2014. Reported here originally. A background-primer to ecological situation in Zenica can be read about here.

The first demand is for the Cantonal government to fulfill the agreement with students regarding disbursement of stipends, as agreed upon at the end of last year.

  1. Limit citizens to one position in case there are adequately educated persons to take up any other positions (this is primarily the case with professors who lecture at several colleges and in several subjects).
  2. Disburse new-mothers’ subventions to those who’ve been protesting for several months now.
  3. Resolve the status of all workers from companies destroyed in the process of privatization, whose rights were denied.
  4. Representatives at all levels of government to stop receiving compensation for work in commissions.
  5. Immediate resolution of the air pollution problems in Zenica, in cooperation with federal and local municipality governments.
  6. Securing internship/residency work for graduates within six months of graduating, establishment of a program for employing young people who have been unemployed for years, since their graduation and therefore, without work experience; as well as revision of employment practices in the public sector.
  7. All government employees to give up 30% of their compensation for the duration of their term, to be escrowed in a common account, in a savings certificate of 4 years’ duration, upon whose maturation it would become public property. This would serve to finance expensive medical procedures for citizens in need, but not for medical treatment in Turkey, Germany or other countries, but for the purpose of educating the local medical professionals, purchasing necessary equipment, so that the need for foreign treatment would be lowered. The focus should be on conditions caused by excessive exposure to sulfur dioxide and other environmentally harmful substances Zenica’s residents have been exposed to.

One response to “Zenica Protestors Deliver their Demands (Zenica #1)

  1. Zenica will hold its first plenary session on Thursday evening:
    I još jednom pozivamo sve obrazovane, sposobne, stranački neobojene ljude da dođu na Plenum u četvrtak u 17:00 sati u zgradi Vlade ZDK.
    Once more we invite people who are educated, competent, and not afilliated with any political party to attend the Plenary Session on Thursday [13 Feb.] at 5 pm at the Zenica-Doboj Canton government building.

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