Demands of the 13th Plenum of Citizens of Sarajevo

From the website of the Plenum of Citizens of Sarajevo

13th Plenum of Citizens of Sarajevo, 16 May 2014


TO GOVERNMENT INSTITUTIONS of the City of Sarajevo, the Sarajevo Canton, and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Considering your completely inadequate response to the natural disaster, the least you can do is to begin to behave responsibly and comply with these citizens’ demands. Don’t get hung up on formalities and procedures; it is clear what you need to do.

Ordinary citizens have mobilized to help the vulnerable communities across the country faster and better than you have—you, who are paid to do this.

You will not emerge from this unfortunate situation as winners!

IMMEDIATE adoption of a change to the 2014 budget through which the financial resources allotted to funding political parties is redirected to provide assistance to the people and communities affected by the flooding.

IMMEDIATE drafting of a plan to clean up the damage and help the vulnerable citizens and communities.
In this regard, we demand that for the coming year, all political appointees and office holders, at all levels of the government mentioned above, give back a portion of their compensation and other expenses to be used for the benefit of affected citizens and communities.

IMMEDIATE creation of a special body at the entity level that will oversee the work of all institutions involved in dispensing and distributing assistance and cleaning up damage; citizen representatives will be included in this body.

BEGIN a thorough reorganization of the civil defense forces at all levels, and in the process, investigate irregularites and omissions in the expenditure of financial resources and division of labor to date, as well as those responsible.
BEGIN CRIMINAL PROCEEDINGS against the responsible parties. Citizen representatives must be included in these proceedings.

IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION by the executive and judicial branches to halt all irregularities in the distribution of assistance, market speculation, and all forms of profiteering and realizing material gain from the misfortune of citizens and communities.
IMMEDIATE revision of the Criminal Law of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Article 286, so that every misappropriation of assistance to vulnerable communities or property in these communities will be punished by a prison sentence lasting a MINIMUM of five (5) years.


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