Declaration by RS Veterans Union (RS #1)

The simplistic, naive, and even cynical statement of the Prime Minister of the Government of Republic of Srpska (RS) about how the RS is stable, and, the threatening tone adopted by the RS President – who proclaimed that the state will find the mechanisms necessary for preventing an uprising – will not meet the goals of the ‘Order for Defending the Republic [of Srpksa] from the Spillover of Chaos from the Federation of [Bosnia and Herzegovina].’

Instead, these statements will only stoke flames that have been lit by those in power, who are attempting by any means necessary to preserve a State that is based on crime, corruption, nepotism, and on a horrendous education system whose consequences are already being felt.

As much as they swear by their patriotism, calling ‘traitors’ all those who choose to believe their eyes more than they believe the peacetime pumping of ‘heroic’ chests, we the Veterans of the Army of the Repblic of Srpska will not give them the deed to the Republic, but are calling on them to take the first steps so that ‘the Federation’ doesn’t happen to us.

1. [We demand that the] RS President, in accordance with his constitutional duty to promote unity, should call on the President of the [Fighters Organization of the RS] Pantelija Ćurguz to tender his resignation without further delay, since it was the RS President who appointed him to this position.

For a long-time already, Ćurguz has not represented the majority of unhappy, demobilized veterans of the war, whose discontent culminated when he assented to the humiliating Law on Combatant and Veteran Disability Protection.

If the President of the RS fails to meet this demand by February 15 at 12pm, the Veterans of the Army of the RS will begin signing a petition under the title “SO THAT THE FEDERATION DOESN’T HAPPEN TO US,” which will demand that Ćurguz tenders his resignation. This will be the first demand in a ten point petition.

In the meantime, we call on all officials in our Republic to allow for the participation of the RS Army Veterans Association in all meetings that take place relating to veterans.

2. We demand that the President of the RS recall Ranko Škrbić our ambassador to Belgrade, and to leave him to the judicial organs in order to give us a first sign of good will that as president he is not ignoring his people.

Under this demand we also ask for the uncompromising support of all governing structures and the opposition in firmly standing behind the Ministry of Internal Affairs, in order to prioritize investigations into criminal privatizations and begin an eventual showdown with the tycoons who created empires in our country and abroad at the cost of the suffering workers and by manipulating all of us.

At the moment we don’t want to create demands but to test the will of the RS government, which we have entrusted to them for protection. We want to see if they are really protecting the RS or simply an armed criminal structure and its cronies.

Unlike all salaried republican and state institutions we predicted that “the street [protests] and sticks” would happen, as well as the resignation of the coordinator of all police forces in Bosnia, which we see as an opening for once again placing police reform on the agenda.

Strategy and tactics are above all about military discipline and we understand this very well.

That is why you, the President of the RS, must know that your strategy and your tactics are transparent like the goals of all political leaders in the RS. So smarten up officials, otherwise risk losing the whole army!

{SIGNED} RS Army Veterans Association.

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