Prijedor Citizens’ Demands (Prijedor #1)

The citizens of Prijedor demand the following from the local representatives in power:

  1. We demand resignations of all directors of public institutions in Prijedor from their positions and election of non-party affiliated, professional replacements.
  2. Complete revision of the politics of personell of newly founded Center for Public Security
  3. We demand a public apology from Prijedor’s mayor for all the years of irresponsible poor management of the city and public resources.
  4. We demand resolution of workers rights from failed companies which are still owned by the state in the municipality of Prijedor, such as the Old Mines in Ljubija!
  5. We demand concrete results in the struggle against corruption (autonomous functioning of inspection agencies, frequent inspections of enterprises owned by persons close to the authorities, end to political-based hiring in public institutions)!
  6. Sanctions of those responsible for breaking the Law of Public Procurement of Bosnia-Herzegovina in Prijedor
  7. We demand resolution of all workers’ rights in Prijedor (creating conditions for organizing independent unions in all enterprises in private ownership)!
  8. We demand that the old City Hall building not be demolished!
  9. We demand that the local parliament representatives give up their compensation, which is to be sent to the soup kitchens in Prijedor and Ljubija!
  10. We demand that those who participated in protests are not persecuted by the police.
  11. We demand a venue for young people of Prijedor that will not be run by the youth members of the political parties.
  12. We demand an end of influence of politics on the media.
  13. We demand an end to all forms of participation payments for health services.
  14. We demand a rise in contributions to the social welfare from the Municipality of Prijedor’s budget.
  15. Revision of the budget for the dog asylum (shelter) in Kurevo.

If the representatives in power in the local government are not capable of fulfilling the demands of their citizens, we believe that there is no reason for them to continue working in their positions and in that case we ask for their unconditional resignations!

The citizens of Prijedor.

Obtained from Ustaj Prijedore. 

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