Police brutality: Muharem Hindić Mušica, leader of the Mostar protests, detained and beaten (Video)

At about 5pm today [March 25, 2014], during a protest at the Spanish Square in Mostar, police attacked and arrested the protest leader and soul of Mostar, Muharem Hindić Mušica.

We have also learned that Mostar police officers are interfering with the work of journalists, including destroying a camera belonging to one team of journalists earlier today.

We have been in contact with Muharem Hindić Mušica, who confirmed reports of police brutality.

We contacted the spokesman of the Police Board for the HNŽ interior ministry, Srećko Bošnjak, who said that the incident was a matter of an attempt by protests to break through protective police control and proceed in unanticipated and undesirable directions. One person was taken into custody at the Mostar police station.

One of the officers told the assembled citizens that protests would be prohibited and then took a cell phone photo of every person present so as to further intimidate them. The police were unnecessarily harsh this evening.

Despite the rain, today’s protests in Mostar drew about 70 persistent citizens. The protesters were advised that the Assembly had not issued an invitation for the promised meeting, and that representatives of the Plenum did not get any information about their demands. 

Muharem Hindić Mušica asked the crowd: What do you want now? Where you want us to go? Left, right, where?” To the Roundabout,” came the reply of the demonstrators.

A protest march soon formed and set off along the former Lenin promenade in the direction of the Roundabout. Citizens marched with their hands raised high in the air, clearly showing the police that they were “not armedand did not want any violence.

A police cordon did not allow the peaceful demonstrators to pass, and soon police began using their shields to push and hit older citizens. Mušica tried to pass between police officers, at which point he was literally snatched by police, who began to drag him along the ground and strike him. Their colleagues tried to prevent the press from photographing and filming police brutality.

In the presence of dozens of witnesses, a police officer deliberately struck an AbrašMEDIA reporter, the powerful blow wrenching the camera from his hand. Muharem Hindić was forcibly dragged to a police van where police continued beating him while he prayed aloud.

None of the police officers wore visible identification, and more than half of them wore camouflage uniforms, more befitting a war than peacetime conditions.

Muharem Hindić was arrested, and a group of citizens went to the Interior Ministry to report the entire incident.

According to information obtained from lawyer Šemse Droce, she was prevented from contacting Muharem Hindić Mušica during his arrest.

She claims that the police treated her as though she herself was under suspicion.

After she threatened a criminal complaint if Mušica was not immediately taken for an examination, the officers agreed to take him, but still unaccompanied by a lawyer. According to unconfirmed reports, Mušica was charged with assault on a government official.

Watch the video and see the original post: http://tacno.net/novosti/brutalnost-policije-priveden-i-pretucen-voda-mostarskih-prosvjeda-muharem-hindic-musica/

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