Petition to support Plenums and protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina – Return our own!

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Plenum of the citizens of Sarajevo / Plenum građana i građanki Sarajeva

The Plenum of the citizens of Sarajevo has received a petition signed by more than 70 public figures. The petition will continue to be available online for signing – please add your signatures here:

Return what’s ours!

We, the undersigned, intellectuals, advocates of/for human rights, cultural workers, journalists, citizens of Sarajevo,  express our deepest condemnation of the Sarajevo Canton government’s intention to prevent uninterrupted work of the Plenum as an authentic and most legitimate form of citizens’ democracy. To make matters more absurd, the citizens of Sarajevo are prevented from using the Hall of Youth (Dom Mladih) Skenderija, a public space in which for over a month an open debate about matters of public and general interest has taken place [as part of Plenum]. This gesture is a clear message to all of just how seriously the government takes the citizens of Sarajevo and their demands.

It appears that Sarajevo Canton (SK) government is feeling sufficiently secure that they can return to their usual way of governing. They are feeling powerful enough to continue, as they have done for the past twenty years, to ignore their citizens.

As they believe to be the absolute rulers of thought, feeling, and even, as we have seen in the case of crises of JMBG [UMCN] of lives of their citizens, the political top of SK government in their ruling arrogance considers itself an absolute owner of public space. After they have taken captive our companies and public institutions, now they openly re-possess the only thing left to citizens, and that is the public space.

No wonder, as that public space has for decades served them as an important power lever, a precious instrument for manipulating the sentiments of oppressed citizenry, for dumbing down and pre-election bootlicking, so the last thing they want is to open it for the citizen’s dialogue and critical questioning of their power.

It is necessary to suppress by any means all free expression of thought and demands of the citizens. It is necessary to return the citizenry into the discipline of collective nationalist fear. It is necessary to buy rubber bullets, and to proclaim dissatisfied citizens vandals and terrorists. It is necessary is for the six leaders to be front page news again and everything will be back to normal. This shall no longer pass.

We call on the government to return to the citizens of Sarajevo that which belongs to them – the public space of the Hall of Youth Skenderija. We believe it is high time for them to come out in front of Plenum and report on what they have done regarding the citizen’s demands addressed to them.

We call on all members of the Canton Sarajevo Council to face up to the reality in which they haven’t resided for a while.

  1. Prof. dr.  Asim Mujkić
  2. Prof. dr.  Dino Abazović, Otvoreni univerzitet [Open University]
  3. Prof. dr. Nermina Mujagić
  4. Dr. Igor Štiks, Univerzitet Edinburg/Otvoreni univerzitet [Open University]
  5. Boro Kontić, Mediacentar
  6. Jasmila Žbanić, rediteljica [film-director]
  7. Kumjana Novakova, Pravo ljudski film festival
  8. Dr. Nidžara Ahmetašević, novinarka/Otvoreni univerzitet Sarajevo
  9. Faruk Šehić, pisac [writer]
  10. Sumeja Tulić, programska koordinatorica Civil Rights Defenders
  11. Lejla Mamut, koordinatorica u Track Impunity Always – TRIAL
  12. Saida Mustajbegović, novinarka [journalist]
  13. Doc. dr. Maida Koso-Drljević
  14. Maja Lovrenović, doktorantica VU University Amsterdam
  15. Gorana Mlinarević, doktorantica National University of Ireland, Galway
  16. Sadžida Tulić, magistrica ljudskih prava [human rights magister]
  17. Malka Alić, filmska radnica [film worker]
  18. Zoran Ćatić, novinar eFM radija [journalist eFM radio]
  19. Jasmina Đikoli, novinarka [journalist]
  20. Mr. Aida Kalender, novinarka i kulturna radnica [journalist and cultural worker]
  21. Nela Porobić-Isaković, politologinja
  22. Haris Pašović, reditelj [film director]
  23. Enes Zlatar, muzičar [musician]
  24. Dr. Armina Galijaš, Univerzitet u Gracu
  25. Dragan Golubović
  26. Lea Petrović, arhitektica [architect]
  27. Sunita Subašić-Thomas
  28. Mersiha Čerim, arhitektica [architect]
  29. Emir Zametica, dramski pisac i novinar [writer and journalist]
  30. Aldin Arnautović, novinar [journalist]
  31. Alida Vrač, magistrica javnih politika [magister public politics]
  32. Doc. dr. Amira Sadiković
  33. Marijana Kramarić, modna dizajnerica [fashion designer]
  34. Prof. dr. Nerzuk Ćurak
  35. Prof. dr. Senadin Musabegović
  36. Doc. dr. Asja Mandić
  37. Emir Imamović, novinar i pisac [journalist and writer]
  38. Prof. dr. Zdravko Grebo
  39. Ognjenka Finci, dipl. ing. Ar
  40. Vedran Mujagić, Dubioza Kolektiv
  41. Brano Jakubović, Dubioza Kolektiv
  42. Armin Bušatlić, Dubioza Kolektiv
  43. Lejla Hodžić, dizajnerica [designer]
  44. Jovan Marjanović, Univerzitet Sarajevo
  45. Amra Baksić-Čamo, producentica [producer]
  46. Šejla Šehabović, književnica [writer]
  47. Goran Simić, književnik [writer]
  48. Dr. Gajo Sekulić, profesor emeritus
  49. Nermina Kurspahić, književnica [writer]
  50. Helena Mandić
  51. Mirna Ler, ma. dipl. ing. arh
  52. Valentina Pellizzer, aktivistkinja, feministkinja, građanka [activist, feminist, citizen]
  53. Dalibor Tanić, novinar [journalist]
  54. Leila Šeper, aktivistkinja [activist]
  55. Masha Durkalić, novinarka, PR, feministkinja i aktivistikinja [journalist, PR, feminist and activist]
  56. prof. dr Aida Hozić – Univerzitet na Floridi, SAD
  57. prof. dr Zarije Seizović
  58. mr. Damir Banović – Centar za političke inicijative [centre for political intitiatives]
  59. doc. dr. Dženana Husremović
  60. Ferida Duraković, spisateljica [writer]
  61. Alen Drljević, režiser
  62. Prof.dr. Enver Kazaz
  63. Nermin Kurtovic dipl. ecc
  64. Prof.dr. Esad Bajtal
  65. Alen Hadžikarić, ma. organizacione psihologije [magister of organisational psychology]
  66. Sabrina Begović-Ćorić, rediteljica i producentica [film director and producer]
  67. Adla Isanović
  68. Lejla Omeragić-Ćatić, novinarka [journalist]
  69. dr. Zoran Raadeljković, profesor emeritus Filozofskog fakulteta, Predsjednik PEN-a u BiH
  70. mr. Ivan Radeljković, viši asistent
  71. dr. Jadranka Kolenović-Đapo, vanredni profesor
  72. Admed Imamović, režiser [film director]
  73. Adnan Huskić, doktrorant na Univerzitetu Graz
  74. Ines Tanovic, povijesti umjetnosti, Sarajevo film festival
  75. Đenita Haverić
  76. Aleksandar Hemon, književnik [writer]
  77. Abdulah Hasanagić, hirurg [surgeon]

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