Mostar Residents Block Boulevard, Hold Plenum in the Streets

About 20 minutes ago, as an act of revolt, around 200 citizens of Mostar blocked traffic on the city’s central Boulevard and began organizing a plenum on the streets.

The blockade was initiated after citizens began a protest march along Lenin’s promenade, where they were met with a cordon of special police who barred their further advance. The police were pushing citizens back, calling them ‘animals’ and threatening force, all with the intention of preventing the protest march from proceeding through to the western side of the city.

The citizens took this move by the police as a forcible attempt to maintain the dividing war-time boundary within the city. Disputes and shoving broke out, after which the citizens returned to the Boulevard and staged a sit-in at the main intersection.

“You’re preventing us from moving in our own city. By force you’re dividing us into an eastern and western half, why are you protecting the criminals from us and not us from the criminals,” where among the chants directed at the police.

After chanting “Fascists! Fascists!” and “Resignations! Resignations!” citizens opened up a session of the Plenum.

(This post originally appeared on 3 March 2014 on the AbrašMEDIA website).

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