Tuzla Citizens’ Plenum Discusses Demands of Workers from Bankrupt Firms

The Tuzla Citizens’ Plenum organized its ninth public meeting. It discussed a report on the plenum’s work to date, as well as the demands of workers from bankrupt firms and trade unions that were addressed to the Tuzla Canton (TC) Assembly.

“At this evening’s meeting we will be discussing the report on the plenum’s work so far, as well as worker and trade union demands and their questions. These are the demands put forward by workers from bankrupt firms and unemployed persons that were written and submitted to us,” according to Emina Busuladžić, a member of the Tuzla Citizens’ Plenum.

She said that these citizen demands were collected and organized according to priorities, with the aim of submitting them to the TC Assembly in that order.

“The greatest number of these demands related to the review of privatization and to returning the factories to the workers,” stated Busuladžić. 

The Tuzla Citizens’ Plenum will at tonights meeting, along with other citizens seek to define the demands of workers and trade-union organizations, who will in subsequent days direct them to the TC Assembly.

This article originally appeared on Klix.ba on 22 February 2014.


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