Tuzla Citizens’ Plenum Calls for ‘Warning Walk,’ Calling for Public Renunciation of ‘Golden Parachutes’

The Tuzla Citizens’ Plenum, during its eighth working session, called on all citizens to join a protest march from the Sodaso building to the Tuzla Cantonal (TC) Assembly due to its failure to adopt their ultimate demands that were adopted on February 12.

In previous Tuzla plenums, the TC Assembly had been asked to abolish ‘golden parachutes’ as well as other privileges to ministers, representatives and state administrators.

The TC Assembly, adopted the first demand – abolishing ‘golden parachutes’ – while the other demands were not met within the 72 hour deadline given.

“The claim that these demands are being processed. My reaction to this is that our demands must be more intense, stronger, more direct and faster,” stated Prof. Nedžad Ibrahimović, who was part of the negotiating team at the meeting with the Chair of the TC Assembly.

The protest march scheduled tomorrow for 13h00 is called the ‘warning walk,’ in so far as the TC Assembly doesn’t adopt the ultimate demands, citizens will be called to once again peacefully demonstrate.

The coordinator of the legal team for the TC Plenum, the lawyer Mustafa Muharemagić stated that he had asked the President of the TC Assembly Slađan Ilić that the replaced ministers and the premier renounce their contracts, since the contracts guarantee the payment of the ‘golden parachutes.’

“In so far as they go to court, they will win the case. For this reason we are asking them to renounce this right and to do so publicly,” explained Muharemagić.

Polihem workers’ representative Enes Tanović called on unity among citizens, since according to him, citizens have been divided into four groups.

“They are gloating that they’ve divided us, let us not allow them to do so,” said Tanović.

Participants in the TC Plenum asked once again for the replacement of Acting Commissioner Samir Aljukić and the head of the criminal police Zahid Selimbašić, since they have discovered that there are plans for mass arrests of protestors. Participants in the TC Plenum where addressed by guests from Belgrade, Borka Pavićević i Vladimir Novaković, while participants were also informed of the activities of working groups that were formed to address specific issues.

This article originally appeared on Klix.ba on 17 February 2014.

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