Sarajevo Citizens’ Plenum demands to sit at the next Sarajevo Cantonal Assembly Session


This first appeard on 23 February at:

Today [22 February] the Sarajevo citizens’ plenum sent a letter to the President of the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton, Mirjana Malić, in which they informed her about the demand of the plenum to have its representatives  sit on the forthcoming Assembly meeting. The aim is to ensure a timely and truthful information about the debate. They anticipate that the Cantonal Assembly will approve their demand.

In their communiqué, which was submitted by the group at the Sarajevo’s plenum responsible for media relations, they remind her [Malić] that during the 33 working session of the Assembly of Canton Sarajevo, which is scheduled for 10 am tomorrow [24 February], the first minute on the agenda is to consider the demands of the Sarajevo citizens’ plenum.

The representatives of the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton accepted [to discuss] all four demands delivered by the Plenum:

  •  Setting up a government of experts;
  • Audit of salaries and benefits of holders of public functions in the Sarajevo Canton with a view of having salaries and benefits reflect the current economic situation;
  • Audit of the privatization;
  • Setting up an independent fact-finding commission, whose members will also comprise selected delegates of the Sarajevo citizens’ plenum, to look into the events from the 7  February. The commission should establish an inventory and an estimate of the damage, as well as establish the responsibility of police functionaries for use of excessive force and for abuse of those who were taken into custody.

The  Sarajevo citizens’ plenum, held on Friday at the Youth Hall  voted that the Assembly of Sarajevo Canton, without further delay adopts the plenum’s demands, and to meet continuously until those demands are all met.

It was also voted, that immediate measures be taken to ensure the safety of people who gather to daily protests  on the streets, and to prevent every attempt to limit the right to gather and to protest. The use of excessive force by the Cantonal Police [MUP], which was also confirmed by an independent report of Human Rights Watch, was strongly condemned. This report will be discussed by the European Parliament on their next session.

The next Sarajevo citizens’ plenum  is scheduled for Tuesday 25 February at 17.30  (Youth Hall, Skenderija). It will be known by then if the Cantonal Assembly had accepted the plenum’s demands.

The Sarajevo citizens’ plenum gives its support to all plenums in Bosnia-Herzegovina!

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