The Board of Deputies and Plenum of Citizens of the Zenica-Doboj Canton Disagree About Procedure for Selecting a New Executive

This was published on  on Monday, 17 February 2014 (official minutes of the session have not yet been published).

The Plenum and Board of Deputies of the Zenica-Doboj Canton Cannot Agree Who Will Propose Candidates for the Government Executive

At the 75th session of the Board of Deputies of the Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDK), representatives of the Plenum of Citizens submitted new demands to the Assembly of the ZDK. The date of the next session of the full Assembly is not yet known.

The chairman of the Assembly of the ZDK, Sretko Radišić, informed those present about the demands that the plenum representatives forwarded to the Board of Deputies of the Assembly at the previous session of the Board.

At the previous session, the Plenum of Citizens sought the abolition of “golden parachutes” [note: term refers to the full salaries paid to functionaries after termination of their service] and demanded that the Assembly of the ZDK nominate an executive officer. The first demand of the plenum, concerning the abolition of “golden parachutes,” was not adopted, but the second was accepted by a majority of the board.

However, today’s session was also spent in debates between the Plenum of Citizens and the Board of Deputies of the ZDK about nominating an executive officer. Deputies proposed that the plenum nominate the officer, even though at the previous session they adopted the proposal that the Assembly of the ZDK make the nomination.

The president [sic*] of the Plenum of Citizens of the ZDK, Nihad Vejzović, submitted five new demands at today’s session of the Assembly of the ZDK:

  • Immediately hold a session of the Assembly of the ZDK in order to adopt the irrevocable resignations of the government and to propose a new unaffiliated executive officer,
  • Amnesty of all detained protest participants, sympathizers, and media,
  • In discussions with the Assembly, remove representatives of all unions, current heads of associations financed by the government budget, and similar,
  • Allow the plenum council to examine the lists of all of the incomes of delegates of the Assembly and members of the Government of the ZDK in 2013,
  • Provide a space for the everyday activities of the plenum council and a suitable auditorium with a sound system for holding meetings of the Plenum of Citizens every Tuesday and Friday.

Considering that the newly selected executive officer might be party-affiliated, Bosnian Patriotic Party member Harun Drljević proposed to the plenum that they select an uncorrupted candidate for executive and expert, about whom the Assembly will then decide. However, Vejzović did not accept that proposal.

“It was agreed at the meeting with members of the plenum that you will select a candidate—that you will propose the candidate, and that we will approve. Don’t create a situation in which we go around in circles, because it is obvious that you would like to buy time by doing so. At the previous Board of Deputies of the ZDK, we proposed—and you accepted—the task of nominating a candidate for executive,” said Vejzović.

Social Democratic Party member Senaid Begić added that the three-day deadline that the plenum gave the Board of Deputies of the ZDK for nominating an executive was unrealistic, given that this was a decision affecting the future of 400,000 people in the Zenica-Doboj Canton.

“We cannot accept the resignation of the current government without first having an alternative. We understand the legitimacy of the demand, and therefore we cannot get into an adventure with voting, but we have no alternative,” Begić added.

Decisions of the Board of Deputies of the ZDK about today’s demands will be announced today after the session has ended.

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* Editors note that Plenums of Citizens do not elect presidents; Nihad Vejzović was serving as a representative of the plenum.

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