Banja Luka: New Protests on Saturday — “We Will Call All Poor People to Come Out to the Streets”

This post originally appeared on (18 February 2014)

New protests will be organized on Saturday if the demands of demonstrators gathered today in Banja Luka aren’t met.

More than a thousand demobilized veterans of the previous war in the Republic of Srpska (RS) answered the call of the Association of RS Veterans (ARSV) to gather today in Banja Luka’s ‘Mladen Stojanović’ Park.

“These people took risks in the war and are taking risks in peace. I will do everything so that things get worse for them (referring to the government of the RS),” stated Duško Vukotić, the president of the ARSV, while addressing the protestors. He added that a “Serbian uprising against thievery and negligence” was beginning and called for peaceful demonstrations, according to

If Pantelija Ćurguz doesn’t leave his current position, and if our demands aren’t fulfilled by Saturday, we will call on all poor people to come out with us into the streets. We’re still waiting for the relevant institutions to respond to us,” stated Vukotić.

In addition to the resignation of Ćurguz, the president of the Veterans Organization of the RS (VORS), the demobilized veterans also stated that they wanted to  express their discontent with the overall socioeconomic situation of not only veterans but of all citizens in this Bosnia and Herzegovina entity.

Alongside cheers of “Ćurguz, leave,” protestors also demanded that RS institutions immediately begin working on resolving accumulated social problems.

The President of the AVRS, Vukotić, stated that while he is aware of the veterans’ anger, they should refrain from any march towards RS institutions, and recommended that they should express their dissatisfaction in a dignified manner.

2 responses to “Banja Luka: New Protests on Saturday — “We Will Call All Poor People to Come Out to the Streets”

  1. Hi, I’m a member of a video activist collective based in London, England. We’re very excited and inspired by your example of direct democracy in Bosnia at the moment, and we’d like to do our bit to share this information. Do you have any people in your movement who are making films that we could share…for example, is anyone going to film the demonstration this Saturday? If not, could we maybe share some of the reports that you are translating? Please let us know how we can help.

    • Hi Reel News,
      We’re currently discussing this and will get back to you if we come up with any relevant contacts for you. Not everyone has pitched in yet, but initially I would say go ahead and share our work and please preserve links to us and to the original versions of the texts etc. which we translated for transparency’s sake. Keep up the good work!

      By the way, we are planning an event in London on 9/3, so do check back on this site. We’d love to see you there.

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