These are the first demands of Sarajevo citizens to the Parliament of Sarajevo Canton

Originally published February 14th.

The second citizens’ Plenum of Sarajevo, held at the city’s youth center, adopted a number of demands which will be referred to the Parliament of Sarajevo Canton.

Over a thousand residents of Sarajevo packed the Youth Center this evening to articulate their most urgent demands. The first of these is the urgent establishment of a Parliament of Experts without political affiliation for Sarajevo Canton, in consultation with the citizens’ plenum. Another demand is the immediate cessation of “white bread”, the salaries and benefits paid to premiers and ministers even after they have stopped performing their official duties. A third would ensure that parliamentarians of the Sarajevo Canton no longer receive extra pay for commissions, committees and other bodies that are constitutive parts of the Canton Assembly

Citizens have asked for a ban on the participation of all MPs and public officials of Sarajevo Canton in the management and supervisory boards of public companies and institutions of public importance in the Canton, as well a reduction in the maximum salaries of holders of public office to the level of two average salaries in Canton Sarajevo.

One of their demands is the reduction of the government of Sarajevo Canton’s fleet  by 50 percent, as well as all expenses related to the use of official cars and travel.

The canton parliament is being asked to consider revising privatizations. In particular, the citizens’ demand of the Cantonal Agency for Privatization is to urgently carry out a revision of the privatization process of public enterprises in the Sarajevo Canton, including Feroelektro, Holiday Inn, Sarabon, Zoru, Ključ and all other companies where the privatization process raised suspicions, including those of federal significance such as Vranic Hidrogradnja, GP Put, Unis Reprint and others.

Also sought of the parliament is the establishment an independent commission of experts to investigate the events of February 7th, with a mandate that would include detailing and assessing damage and determining the responsibility of police officers for excessive use of force and abuse of those arrested.

The third meeting will be held tomorrow at the Youth Centre starting at 17:30. Protests in front of the Presidential building will continue every day starting at 12:00.

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