Ustamujić and Čevra, from the Alliance for Better Future, give instructions on how to comment on Facebook


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The SUTRA.BA internet Portal has found out, from a source close to the Alliance for Better Future (SBB) party, that the party  has been using  organised “web agents” for a long time. Their main task is to “spin” public opinion through comments on public news portals and networks, to create a false picture of massive support citizens express for the ideas and views represented by SBB and its president  Fahrudin Radončić.

According to the information we have received from a member of the group for internet propaganda,  Omer Čevra, the spokesperson of SBB BiH, and Mirza Ustamujić, the party’s representative at the House of  Representatives of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, are in charge of the overall web operation, while cantonal coordinators are tasked with  implementing it on the field.

Part of the correspondence shows a very well worked out “scheme” of the organization and their way of work, which can be summarised as follows: Mr Čevra would receive information and views from the “top party leadership”, interesting links and comments, which he then sends to the cantonal coordinators and the agents on the field. The agents, through their Facebook profiles start writing comments in accordance with an already elaborated “matrix” of spin.

“The communication with you will be taken over by Omer Čevra, and he will give you concrete instructions and tasks. You will receive links and comments which you will need to post. Post those on your pages and all other pages affiliated with the party’s [SBB] website.  Make sure you are tuned into Klix portal, and all news portals. VERY IMPORTANT- SHOW SUPPORT – for the positive comments by liking them. FOLLOW OMER AND KILX WHERE THE REAL WAR IS WAGED.

“Instructions to Shut down the Facebook page: “We want the resignation of the Minister for Security,  Fahrudin Radončić”

According to the correspondence of this propaganda group, they have paid special attention to the Facebook page “We want the resignation of the Minister for Security,  Fahrudin Radončić” which counts more and more citizens every day. [27.949 as of 14 February]

Mirza Ustamujić: “Here you can post links on every post, one after the other, we will shut the administrators down so that they cannot erase them. Start posting links at 14.30, and open new posts.” While in a second instruction he says: “on all pages, one administrator cannot manage to erase…we will overwhelm them.”

Other than the propagation of “suitable” links, this group attempted to shut the Facebook page seeking the resignation of Minister Radnocic. An evidence for this  is Harun Čustović’s statement, a member of the Executive Committee of the [SBB] Youth Forum in Goražde.
“I just want to say this, last night I tried to shut down the FB page, the one that demands the resignation of Minister  Radončić, and I made it, but only after a few minutes it emerged again, and a number is added into the link so that it can accessed again. [possibly to attempt to shut it down]

Who “spins” public opinion?

It is clear from the conversations that active participation and an active approach of this group, other than Čevra  and Ustamujić, also involves Numan Mujović, member of the SBB Executive Youth Committee in Stari Grad Sarajevo, and Muamer Jusufović, SBB’s candidate from the previous municipal elections in Konjic, Harun Čustović, member of the SBB Executive Committee Goražde, Ammna Redžić and Sena Dizdarević-Topalović Our source also claims that in the active participation  in this SBB propaganda are involved people like Sanjin Manjo,  SBB Secertary in  Centar Sarajevo,Damir Abdagić, SBB Secretary in Bihać, Naser Rujanac, President of the Youth Forum in Donji Vakuf,Mahir Nurkanović, member of the SBB Executive Committee  Tuzla Canton, and Belma Fejzić, Secretary of  SBB in  Zenica.

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