Interview: Duško Vukotić, president of the Association of RS Veterans

This is a transcript of an interview that appeared on (originally aired on 11 February 2014).

ANNOUNCER: Mr. Vukotić, what do you object to when it comes to the position of the RS leadership?

VUKOTIĆ: The statements by the Premier and the President of the RS sound cynical. Power can no longer be maintained on lies! Things must be looked at with eyes wide-open, the truth must be spoken, the truth and only the truth. It’s a fact that we’ve come into a period of unbelievable divisions, not only in the RS, but in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina. We now have this terrible cleavage between an enormous number of poor people on the one hand and a very small number of rich people on the other.

ANNOUNCER: How do you comment on the position that the disorder, the burning of cantonal government buildings and those of entity institutions, have as their ultimate aim to spread the crisis to the RS and hence to reshape Bosnia and Herzegovina contrary to the stipulations of Dayton?

VUKOTIĆ: It’s funny to suggest that someone would burn their own house down so that they hurt their neighbours! That’s illogical. What’s horrible about those statements is that an obvious social uprising is being ignored, and instead, the RS is exporting totally different theories that, according to me, have little to do with a healthy mind. For this reason we’re fiercely resentful of the President of the Veterans Organization of the RS (VORS)…

ANNOUNCER: You’re asking for the resignation of [the President of the VORS] if I’m not mistaken…

VUKOTIĆ: …that’s right! Because of what he did – and what the representatives of different veterans organizations have done – is irresponsible towards their own people, and if you want towards one own’s entity. They are the ones forwarding the thesis that the RS is threatened by events in the Federation. But in principle, they are the ones – with their stance – who are creating an incredible crisis that is bringing the RS in danger. What could be more dangerous than the division of the people? The division between the rich and the poor is obvious, and we can only now speak here about the dictatorship of the minority over the majority!

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