Head of Unions, Josip Milic Physically Assaulted

Head of Unions and One of the Leaders of Resistance Josip Milić Physically Assaulted

Originally published: tacno.net February 14, 2014, Mostar, News,

Two unknown individuals used bats to physically assault Josip Milić, a professor of Logic and Philosophy, and the Head of the Union of Independent Labor Unions of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The assault took place on Friday, at approximately 2 p.m. in front of the Gymnasium Fra Grgo Martić in Mostar.

Shortly before the assault, professor Milić exited the school and found his vehicle’s tires had been slashed, most likely with a knife. He contacted the police.

Mostar Police officers arrived shortly therafter to the scene and assessed the vehicle Volkswagen Golf Plus. Immediately after the police officers finished their investigation and left the scene, Josip Milić was physically attacked and beaten with baseball bats, as was confirmed for us by his brother, Petar Milić.

According to him, his brother was attacked near the entrance to the school by two younger individuals who attacked him with bats, approaching him from behind, and running off over the school fence after the attack.

Police officers arrived shortly, except this time with backup.

The professor was taken in an ambulance to the Mostar CUM KB hospital.


2 responses to “Head of Unions, Josip Milic Physically Assaulted

  1. Have forwarded this story and urged readers to contact Bosnian embassies and consulates to protest the attack. Let us know if more actions against such repression is organized.

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