Asim Mujkić on Sarajevo’s Plenum: “I attended a celebration of democracy”

This article first appeared on the website on 14 February 2014. All emphasis in the text is retained from the original.

Asim Mujkić, professor of Political Science at the University of Sarajevo and an attendee of this evenings second Sarajevo Citizens’ Plenum, told the FENA Agency that he had just witnessed an important celebration of democracy and tolerance.

“The citizens’ of Sarajevo have shown that they are maturing as democratic citizens, that they are become subjects of change and are no longer the simple objects of the sadism directed at them by the party oligarchies,” stated Mujkić.

He concluded that the demands brought forward by citizens were good, all-encompassing, and that it is now up to the citizens’ plenum to persist in insisting that their demands are implemented.

The demands are realistic. We’re expecting more demands, but as a new way of functioning for the plenum it should also now focus on the implementation of these demands. As a person, I’m overjoyed at having had the opportunity to witness this gathering of freedom,” concluded Mujkić.

During tonight’s Sarajevo Citizens’ Plenum in the Skenderija Youth Centre, four urgent demands were adopted including the formation of a non-party government of experts for the Sarajevo Canton. The second demand was a revision of the salaries and benefits of public employees in the canton and their harmonization with the prevailing economic situation.

The third demand adopted was a revision of all privatizations of enterprises in the Sarajevo Canton. The final demand was the creation of an independent commission of experts that would establish the facts concerning the events of February 7.

Many demands were put forward this evening, around 200 in total. The moderator of the gathering, Refik Hodžić, announced that all of these demands would be consolidated, and that citizens would be given the opportunity to express their opinions about the proposals during the next plenum, which is scheduled for tomorrow at 5:30pm.

Citizens are also invited to attend tomorrow’s protest in front of the Bosnian Presidency building at 12pm. Everyone is asked to bring pots and pans in order to mobilize citizens and send a clear message to the politicians that they will not stop.

The Sarajevo plenum is the result of several days of protests, which culminated last Friday (February 7), when several institutions were set on fire.

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