Workers’ protests in Kraljevo (Serbia) spread, blockades all around

Kraljevo, Serbia – The workers’ protest in Kraljevo is only getting more massive and fiercer. The wagon factory workers who have blockaded rail lines toward Čačak (Serbia) and Požega (Croatia) as well as Raška (Serbia) and the northern parts of Kosovo, blockades which have completed suspended railroad traffic, along with the workers of Magnohrom, have been joined since Tuesday by the workers of the Gibnjara and Plastmetal factories.

In response to the unsatisfactory offer of the Minister of the Economy which in the short term would only ensure payment of two minimal paychecks, the wagon factory workers decided to continue their round the clock railroad blockade, demanding payment of twenty outstanding paychecks, certification of health cards, and the regularization of health insurance and pensions.

“The blockade will remain until all our demands are met because we longer have the time or patience to wait for yet another election and the introduction of new laws on restructuring businesses” says Nenad Terzić, the president of the Strike Committee of the wagon factory, adding that workers expect the fulfillment of the first of two promises, “at a minimum”.

The wagon workers have been joined by the workers of the Gibnjara factory, once a main driver of the wagon factory, and by the workers of Plastmetal, a workshop employing primarily workers with disabilities, with both groups making nearly identical demands.

In the meantime, the former workers of Magnohrom, who have been protesting for days alongside the wagon workers and demanding their lawful 20% severance pay, gathered separately on Tuesday in front of the Kraljevo courthouse, moving on to occupy the intersection of Vojvode Putnik and Cara Lazara streets in the center of town, and continuing on to the protest barricades on the railroad.

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