Third meeting of the Plenum of Citizens of Brčko District BiH

Third meeting of the Plenum of Citizens of Brčko District BiH

Thursday 13th February 2014, 5:00pm

Location: Youth Centre


This is our space, you have yours in your parties.

At the second meeting of the Plenum of citizens of Brčko district BH, on February, 12th 2014, in the Brčko Youth Centre, those present have agreed on the demand for amnesty for all those citizens who have been arrested or cautioned, who took and are taking part in protests, for which they are questioned, imprisoned and investigated by the law enforcement units of Brčko district. Tonight’s assembly was attended by the oppressed workers of Tesla, Bimex, Velma, unemployed professionals, students, workers and tradespeople without a job, business owners, and even children.

Behind us stand 20 years of bad governance, closed and ruined factories, the consequence of corruption and nepotism, badly managed privatization; behind us stands hunger. We are trying to set up a dialogue with those in power, because they represent people but they don’t know how to be people. We are not interested in temporary solutions and pre-election promises. First we ask for resignations and a right to dignified life! Therefore we call on all citizens, men and women from Brčko who share the same goals and problems, to join us at the next open, public and non-political party meetings of the assembly so that together and in many more numbers we can represent the interests of all the citizens of Brčko district.

At yesterday’s plenum there were less than 50 people present, but we must not forget that behind every person present are more than 250 unemployed, given all those registered with the unemployment bureau.

We are aware of the current political and media situation in Brčko and across Bosnia-Herzegovina, but we will not fall for the usual and already seen mechanisms of manipulation such as ‘divide and rule’. We will not let anyone  rob us of our citizen’s uprising.

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