The Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton (ZDC) Will be Composed of Citizens

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In Zenica, citizens’ protests continued today in front of the ZDC Government building. Representatives of the protestors submitted their demands directly to Sretko Radišić, the Chairman of the ZDC Parliament. They  expect that the parliament and the future government of the canton will implement their demands, including:

1. Ensuring the security of the protests and protest organizers.

2. The formation of an expert team until the formation of a new non-party and non-corrupt government by 1 March 2014.

3. Reducing the administration and harmonizing salaries in the working and administrative sectors.

4. Revision of privatizations.

5. An audit of the assets acquired during [a politicians’] term in office.

6. An independent judiciary, health-care and education system, as well as Prosecutors’ Office – on the basis of public competition, the weighing of degrees and never having belonged to political parties.

7. Developing a social policy that will focus on youth employment and vulnerable populations.

At the end of the meeting Adis Mehanović, a representative of the protestors, declared to the media that Sretko Radišić, presiding over the ZDC parliament, in coordination with other members of the cantonal government agreed to fulfill all the demands and that the next Government, which will be chosen by March 1st, will be composed of citizens without a history in politics.

He also announced that a Citizens’ Plenum will be formed modelled on those of the Tuzla and Sarajevo Cantons.


What follows is a brief description of the days events, also from

The Zenica Citizens’ Plenum is finished, tomorrow a new gathering

Even though it was initially announced that the Plenum, modelled on the examples of Tuzla and Sarajevo, would be held in room 301 of the ZDC Government Building, it was decided to hold the meeting in front of the building. Because of the enormous interest of citizens’ wishing to attend the Plenum in room 301, which has a 120 person capacity, it could not accommodate all of those who had assembled.

At the beginning, representatives of the demonstrators read out the demands that were submitted to Sretko Radišić, who is presiding over the ZDC Parliament.

The Plenum finished after 20 minutes, and a new meeting was scheduled for tomorrow.

At today’s meeting nothing concrete was decided, given that the citizens’ expressed their frustration that everyone couldn’t attend the meeting because of the small size of the room that couldn’t accommodate everyone interested in attending.

Organizers will find a new solution by tomorrow for the current situation and all citizens will be informed via the media about the place and time of the new Plenum.

Around 250 citizens responded to the call for a Plenum.

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