The first Plenum of the citizens of Sarajevo has taken place.

This text has been originally published here on 13th February 2014

The first Plenum (assembly) of the citizens of Sarajevo has taken place.

Despite all the dirty games the first plenum has taken place successfully. The citizens of Sarajevo turned up in large numbers. Those who attended spoke or brought in writing, a well articulated and detailed demands, which shows that the citizens take their job more seriously than the politicians do. It’s regrettable that those in power don’t find it their duty to provide an adequate public space available to us. Therefore the first demand of this Plenum is for those in power to urgently make available an adequate space to the citizens.

The following are the ground rules of the Plenum. The conclusions will be published shortly.


What is PLENUM?

Plenum is an assembly of all those present. It is a public space for debate. Decisions are made in public.

Why plenum?

Because it is open to everyone. Everyone has a right of vote, everyone has a right to participate. Each person has one vote, this is a space with no violence and belongs to everyone.

The principles of plenum EQUALITY AND EQUAL RIGHTS OF ALL:

Each person has one vote. The person needs to say her/his name and surname, and in whose name he/she is speaking.

All decisions are made on the bases of majority: 50% plus one person.

As a sign of respect, listen to your fellow citizens while they speak and wait until it’s your turn.

Plenum starts by reading its ground rules and the agenda.

Then those who have suggestions and additions to the agenda will speak.

This will not be voted on, just added to the agenda in the order of which it was spoken.


Plenum does not have leaders, only moderators who facilitate the discussion and manage how much time is given to those who speak. Moderators have a right to point out to those participating that the discussion has gone off the main topic and to return to the first topic.

One or more persons look out and make notes who has rased hands to speak.

One person takes minutes of the meeting, which will be published publicly after the plenum.


Each point on the agenda will be discussed in order of appearance on the agenda. All the comments must be related to the point or question discussed at that moment.


Voting starts maximum 30 minutes after the beginning of debate on the point/question on the agenda that is being discussed.

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