Second Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum: Declaration

The second meeting of the Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum was held on 12 February 2014 in the auditorium of the Bugojno Cultural and Sports Centre. The Plenum members in attendance reached the following conclusions:

They chose representatives of the Plenum for contact with the public, who will fulfil that role until the next Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum. (They have the right and duty to bring the conclusions of this Plenum to the ‘authorities’ and citizens, and inform all interested parties about the place and time of the next Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum meeting.)

Based on the course of the protests in Bugojno and the rest of BiH up until now, unanimous support was expressed for all the demands of the disempowered citizens which relate to state, federal and cantonal institutions of executive, legislative and judicial power.

Based on the citizens’ demands that have already been directed towards the Municipality of Bugojno, and the existing proposals of the Bugojno municipal council, the Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum reaches the following conclusions and asks the Bugojno municipal council to amend its measures and make the necessary decisions to realise the citizens’ proposals.

  • To engage expert representatives of the citizens (people who are not involved with political parties) as well as the teams of foreign auditors that will audit the work of public enterprises and institutions.
  • To change the proposal of the council collegium about reducing the lump sums and allowances for political parties and lists, that is, to cut off councillors’ allowances and lump sums entirely as well as their per diems. (The funds to be redirected, as recommended, to paying the stipends, agricultural stimulus payments and other social benefits that are owed)
  • To reduce the salaries of Municipality employees by 50% and reduce the hot meal allowance to 4 KM. (The funds to be redirected, as recommended, to paying the stipends, agricultural stimulus payments and other social benefits that are owed)
  • To only add highly-educated people from the Bureau for Employment to the new oversight committees and managing committees of public enterprises and institutions.
  • Over the course of this year, to move on to a system of treasury operations.
  • The council must bring in an employment and development plan at the level of the Bugojno municipality. The plan can last for one year or until the end of their mandate.
  • To urgently make all necessary decisions and prevent municipal land being taken away from ZZ Poljoprodukt, headed by Dino Ćišić, and from the rest of what the Municipality owns that other persons want to remove and privatise.
  • To begin making plans about a public-private partnership with interested companies (council and competent services).
  • In accordance with the Law on Eligible Conditions and Timescales (but with the shortest timescale), to coordinate and replace the Bugojno Municipality statute and adapt it to the standards of the statute of the European Union.
  • To deprofessionalise the function of the council chair.
  • Before 1 March, to facilitate and put into action a public kitchen [for the poor].
  • To return the area outside the Cultural and Sports Centre, where illegal work is taking place, to the state it was in before.
  • For the Municipality and municipal council to keep on demanding that the relevant services audit the privatisation of Bugojno companies, and also make an audit of employment through political party, family and friendship connections in the domain of health and education.
  • To hold council meetings at least once a week until the resolution of these demands and other demands that the Plenum will issue the council.
  • For the Municipal Council to make decisions, and for the competent services and appropriate parties to carry them out, in order to fulfil all the other proposals of the Collegium that were envisaged on 11 February 2014.

The Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum is not giving up its demand for the resignation of the mayor of Bugojno municipality, that is, for a vote of no confidence in the mayor of Bugojno by the council.

We are offering the Municipal Council the chance to resolve all the demands that must be resolved at once at an Extraordinary Meeting on Friday 14 February 2014.

We are postponing the Third Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum until Saturday 15 February, starting at 6 pm in the Crystal Hall of Bugojno Municipality.

The moderator of the Third Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum will be Muhamed Musić.

We ask the Municipal Council to give us free use of the hall for the Third Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum and ensure that the heating and sound system are on.

Bugojno, 12 February 2014

Bugojno Citizens’ Plenum

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