Demands of the citizens plenum of Mostar

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The citizens plenum of Mostar was held successfully

February 13th, 2014

The plenum was held in the great hall of the Youth Cultural Centre Abrašević, with around 400 citizens present. Participants made a decision to form a plenum for all citizens of Mostar.

During the plenum, the following demands were made:

-Resignation of the government of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton [HNK/HNŽ].

-An end to the financing of political parties from the [cantonal] budget

-Revisions/audits of privatizations of public firms

-Investigations into the origins of property acquisition

-Passing of a law seizing illegally acquired property at the level of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina

-Passing of amendments to the local elections law, the passing of a new statute* for the city of Mostar and the calling of new elections.

-Abolition of lump-sum payments and benefits for politicians, and the equalization of their wages with the average wages of workers

-Formation of a committee for the normalization of the status of Mostar

-Passing of a law on social protection, protection for civilian victims of the war, and families with children at the level of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton [HNK/HNŽ].

-Removal of the statute of limitations for the prosecution of criminal acts of war profiteering and post-war privatization


The citizens of Mostar voted to establish a coordinating committee of the citizens plenum, which will work directly towards the realization of the adopted demands, and establish contact with all relevant institutions. The committee is made up of:

Zdenko Bubaš, Franćeska Bojčić, Zdravko Puvača, Denis Pajić, Muharem Hindić, Amer Bahtijar, Nadir Frlj, Feđa Fajić, Rešid Babović, Sandro Rozić, Karlo Grabovac

The protests in Mostar will continue tomorrow at 4pm at the Spanish square. The plenum will continue in the same location (Youth Cultural Centre Abrašević) at 5pm.

The photo gallery of the plenum can be seen here: ovdje.

*Translator’s note: the establishment of a special statute, or constitution, for the city of Mostar was part of the agreement reached at the Dayton accords, the current statute was passed in 2004, and the citizens plenum is calling for a new statute to be passed.

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