Reportback from first Brčko Plenum

At the first meeting of the Brčko Citizens Plenum in Bosnia, which was convened on 11 February 2014 in the Brčko Islahijet, proposals were put forward seeking to improve the current political and economic situation that we’re living in.

We’re happy that we’ve managed to gather  40-50 people and to prove that a dialogue between those who are making efforts [to fight] against the corruption of the current Government of the Brčko district can truly take place. Proposals were made, arguments were listened to and conclusions were brought forward concerning the on-going work of this Plenum, which will remain in permanent session.

The point everyone agreed on during the proposals made for potential demands of the Plenum, and the point that is being put forward by the Brčko District Citizens’ Plenum as the first and crucial demand of tonight’s meeting is the DEMAND FOR THE WHOLESALE RESIGNATION OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE BRČKO DISTRICT IN ORDER TO CREATE ROOM FOR THE FORMATION OF AN EXPERT GOVERNMENT. The next meeting of the Plenum is scheduled for 12 February 2014 in the Youth Centre in Brčko (across from the CIPS building).

We take this opportunity to call on all citizens, men and women, of our town to join us in organizing this meeting, in order to jointly and systematically define the demands from which we will not backdown form until they are met.

Behind us do not stand any political parties nor organizations. We know best that behind us only stand years of humiliation, hunger, helplessness and hopelessness.

For this reason, let us say NO to political wheeling and dealing! There is to be no agreements behind closed doors, there will be no chosen ones. There is only the Plenum, where citizens can together agree on solutions to the problems that confront all of us. Let us not allow anyone to take away from us our citizens’ revolt!

See you at noon in front of the municipality building!

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