Bosnia is going ahead, let’s go too: A gathering in Zagreb to support the BiH protests

Bosnia is going ahead, let’s go too: A gathering in Zagreb to support the BiH protests

This article was originally published here on 12th February 2014

In Zagreb’s Cvijetni Trg (The Flower Square) a gathering will be held tomorrow at 18:00 hours in support of the protests in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Workers, the unemployed, the youth and the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina in general, have given us a great example these days on how to fight for our rights and for a better society.  In Croatia, half a million are unemployed, every other young person is without a job, people dig through the garbage for food, more and more people are becoming slaves to debt, corruption is everywhere, criminal privatization tactics go unpunished, and our current democracy is a mockery.

Let us go out into the streets and join the people of BiH in the fight for a just society.  Let us show to the politicians and to big capital that we are not their puppets whom they can rob, undisturbed! We demand a society for the %99, not a society of politico-tycoon oligarchy!” is the statement published in the call for protests on the Facebook page of ‘A gathering of support for the worker protests in BiH’.

“Bosnia is going ahead, let’s go too – Protest” is another page on which the call to the citizens of Zagreb was published.

“In neighboring Bosnia and Herzegovina the wave of protest has spread and it shows no sign of relenting any time soon. People are revolted by the corruption and a system that serves to benefit a rich minority while pushing the working class into the abyss of unemployment, poverty and hunger. Hopelessness has finally been replaced by action, which from each day to the next is getting deeper and deeper into the structure of such a socially and economically unfair system.  Demands are becoming more radical, and the degree of organization that the people there have shown sets an exceptionally positive example for all the neighboring countries” is another statement from the call to action.

Protests are set to start at 18:00 hours, emphasizing their goal to support “the workers of the neighboring country, as well as point out that in Croatia such a fundamentally undemocratic system is suffocating the working majority while impeding the development of alternative options that would benefit the majority of the population.”

“One working class – one common fight!” is the official slogan of the protest.

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