Sarajevans Invited to First Meeting of Citizens’ Plenum, 11 February 2014, 14.17.

The people who were at today’s protests in Sarajevo have been invited to the first meeting of the Sarajevo Citizens’ Plenum, on Wednesday 12 February, at 17.30 hours in the Centre for Cultural and Media Decontamination, on the University of Sarajevo campus at Zmaj od Bosne bb.

‘There is no party or organisation behind us whatsoever. We know best that behind us there are only many years of humiliation, hunger, helplessness and hopelessness on all of our parts. And so we say NO to political brokering! There are no deals behind closed doors, no chosen ones. Only a plenum where citizens, men and women, will make agreements together about how to solve the problems we all face. Let no-one take our civic revolt away from us!’ says the text of the invitation.

All those who want to join an open public discussion of equal participants to formulate demands and decisions that will stop the robbery of society and establish the foundations for a fairer system are invited to the meeting.

‘We demand:

Police – not to take any action that would limit peaceful demonstrations by citizens. The safety of all participants in protest must be ensured.

Authorities of Sarajevo Canton – given the irresponsible work of the government today, decisions about forming a new government must be taken exclusively on the basis of the future conclusions of the Sarajevo Citizens’ Plenum.

Authorities of the Federation of B&H – immediate resignation of the entire Government including the prime minister.

And that is just the beginning – let us believe in one another and carry on working for the good of us all,’ states the invitation, which is signed by the Initiating Committee for Organising the Plenum, a temporary informal group that will cease activities at the first Plenum meeting.

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