Organization for Workers’ Initiative and Democratization (Zagreb) “Support for the People of BH”

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OWID: Organization for Workers’ Initiative and Democratization


Support for the People of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the media representations of the “people’s events” in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as some were horrified with the devastation of the Cantonal, Entity, and State governments, the initial and motivating act that started this rebellion has been lost from sight; and the continuing and systematic violence of all official political actors and international supervisors in Bosnia and Herzegovina has been lost from sight as well. Namely, that Friday, February 5th, industrial workers from Tuzla’s enterprises (Dita, Konjuh, Polihem, Gumara), had warned, once more, in a protest before the cantonal government, about the consequences of privatizing these industrial enterprises, and about the poor social conditions in the canton as well as the entire country. In a country in which union centers have been acting, for a number of years, as silent partners to the government, this self-organization of the workers and the support of the people which followed are certainly a political moment to single out from the chaos of media-filtered hysteria.

The collective resignation of the Tuzla Canton government, following the escalation of violence, is an empty political act, considering the fact that the fragmented governmental institutions in this country do not serve citizens and workers at all; but rather, exclusively serve capital, party monopoly of political space, and maintenance of a 20-year-long status quo. However, this act created a space for political articulation of an alternative to the existing model of ethno-bureaucracy and the effects it has on the economic and social state of society. The statement by the citizens and workers in which they demand the revision of privatization and financing of government institutions, as well as cooperation between the forces of peace and order, civil defense, and citizens, is the first attempt at political organization from below in the history of “democratic” Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is no turning back from this moment – after so many years, the people whose rights have been trampled, have shown that Dayton democracy and the accompanying economic model can and must be challenged.

We take this opportunity to express solidarity and support for the efforts of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s peoples to change the existing government and to democratize the state that has, up to this point, functioned as a bad project of the international community and the local nationalist political elite. We hope that the protests will result in articulated demands for creating an alternative to the existing forms of government and national divisions, whose one and only function is the unconscionable larceny of their own people, full privatization-caused devastation of a country industrialized during socialism, as well as establishment of the nation as the only functional political category. Solidarity of the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina is a precondition for every progressive change to the existing model of state and economy management.

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