Esad Bajtal: This is all government’s fault, the rest is only a consequence


8 February 2014

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Commenting on the recent events in Bosnia-Herzegovina, for the foreign media, Professor Esad Bajtal said: the protests in Bosnia-Herzegovina result from a mixture of poverty, hunger and injustice which defrauded citizens have been suffering and sustaining for twenty years. If “necessity teaches thinking” (E. Bloch) then the protests of the citizens are only a practical articulation of this life-thinking necessity. Evidently, this could no longer go on. Unfortunately, the justified rebellion has taken on some haphazard elements of destruction and burning. The cunning political elites have abused this fact, and have managed to turn the people and the police against each other in mutual conflict. Well equipped but poorly paid police forces (until not long ago, also rising to sporadic revolts and strikes), are today beating the hungry people who are only asking for one thing: to be able to return to their jobs in the factories, where they can honestly earn their existence, and from which they were, as a result of fraud and robbery, expelled.

The chaos, which sprang out of the initially peaceful revolt, should be treated critically, with suspicion and with one question in mind: who needs this? Maybe those who accuse protesters and call them barbarians and hooligans, and are spinning the narrative to their advantage.

Finally, it should be clearly stated that the indolence and the extreme robbery and enrichment of the political elites in power, on the account of the people, directs all the fault for these recent events to the government. All this is the government’s fault.  The rest should be seen as a consequence.

The context which the government’s manipulation is creating, is one where they blame the hungry victims of their corrupt governance, as the main culprits for the chaos and disorder which we have been witnessing.

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