Announcement: First meeting of the Brčko District Citizens’ Plenum

Tuesday, February 11th, 2014, 8:30pm at the Zgrada Islahijeta, all welcome EXCEPT MEMBERS OF POLITICAL PARTIES!!

This is our space; you have yours in your parties. Behind us stand no parties or organizations. We ourselves know best that standing behind us are only years of humiliation, hunger, helplessness and hopelessness. And that’s why we say NO political wheeling and dealing. There will be no deals behind closed doors, there will be no chosen ones. Only a plenum where citizens together made decisions about solving our shared problems. We will not allow anyone to take away our citizens revolt. Come to the first meeting of the Plenum and the beginning of a public conversation in which equal participants will formulate demands and decisions to stop social plunder and lay the foundations for a more just order. WE APPEAL TO ALL CITIZENS TO WORK TOGETHER IN A PEACEFUL AND DIGNIFIED MANNER FOR THE COMMON GOOD. LET’S SHOW THOSE WHO HAVE SHAMELESSLY CHEATED US FOR YEARS THAT WE ARE NOT INCAPABLE AND THAT WE CAN MAKE DECISIONS ABOUT OUR LIVES OURSELVES.

The Interim Organizational Committee of the Citizens’ Plenum of Brčko District, BIH

(A temporary, informal group which should dissolve with the work of the first Plenum meeting)

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