Protestor Demands from Sarajevo (#2)

This is based on the leaflets being passed around Sarajevo on February 9th, 2014 from a group calling itself “Ja BiH Bunt” (“I’m for Rebellion”). Once again,  thanks to Marina Antić for the translation.


  1. Lower salaries and compensation for political functionaries at all levels of government!
  2. End compensation with the end of the term!
  3. Sell the new car pool and invest that money into development of factories in bankruptcy!
  4. Reform and make transparent public expenditures and revenues!
  5. Pass the law on property origins!
  6. Process the suspects for abuse of power!
  7. Invalidate all illegal privatization contracts and establish the responsibilities of authorities.
  8. Form an independent anti-corruption commission.
  9. Damage resulting from protests cover with that part of revenue intended for compensation of government representatives.

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